First of all, Geneva traffic is very very particular.

Meaning if you believe you can drive everywhere well here is the exception, in fact the traffic light management is designed for you to hate driving and use the public transport instead.

Buses and trams have an onboard communication device to ease and fluidity the public transport circulation, I travelled a lot and lived overseas in many country, I have never experienced a 5mns traffic light in my whole life anywhere else than in Geneva, even other cities in Switzerland like Zurich or Bern on the other hand have astonishing fluid traffic management systems allowing you to find synchronised traffic lights and at certain hours of the day drive across the city with the minimum stop and I experienced an early drive through Zurich with no stops my self.

Not mentioning the rebarbative eighth of fines here, and the confusing road signs it take a rough 6 months to get along with the spontaneous direction overnight swing form a one way to the other way, very tricky when fined a 400.-CHF/US$

Our best advice is to get a driver the first days at least to get from him the tips and for you to avoid very salted new comers welcome Geneva fines!