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Why do I need a swissdriver service?

Employing the services of a genuine chauffeuring service is more desirable – and often more convenient – than hiring a taxi for many types of event. Chauffeuring affords a touch of class which other forms of transportation simply do not.

How can I book?

Directly online on the swissdriver website

Is there a customer support hotline

Of course! You’ll be sent your dedicated customer support agent direct line in case of emergency or any desired concierge service

Can I use Chauffeur-drive when travelling across international borders?
In Europe, you can use Chauffeur-drive service to travel across international boundaries in most Schengen-Area countries (which includes most European Union member states and Switzerland) provided the cross-border destination is within the free mileage radius of the service.

Cross-border travel is not available for Chauffeur-drive from German destinations.

Are there any mileage restrictions for Chauffeur-drive?
Yes, most Chauffer-drive destinations have a free mileage limit in place. For travel beyond the normal limit, most destinations will allow additional mileage for a fee.

Please see our Chauffeur-drive availability page for mileage information for individual destinations.

One of the best driver service repeatedly each year in Davos for the World Economic Forum

Punit R.


Excellent Wine tours driver guide passionated providing historical and traditionnal insight along the way, Highly recommend

Jean R.

Excellent service really, book each year one month service between Geneva Monaco and Barcelona

Mohamed ...

Saudi Arabia, Governement

Things To Do on Your Trip To Geneva

Drive Across the Mont-Blanc Bridge

Mont-Blanc is the top mountain peak of Europe at 4810m height

Drive Down the Richest Street in the World

Geneva hosts the Top fortune of the world

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