Private Transportation Services – Chic or Weak?

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With all the recent hype on ride-sharing services, you may find yourself wondering, “Why should I consider a Private Transportation service?”
In an age where technology use is more popular than ever before, smart phone apps are a must. Because of the competition, most private transportation companies have been forced to get with the times and create their own apps.  At SwissDriver Private Car and Limousine we provide you with the same ‘Book Now’ options.  But we’ve taken it a step further, you can also ‘Book Later’, a service not available through ride-sharing companies.  If you have a flight booked for tomorrow, next week, or next month…feel free to book it.  We’ll be there!!!
Another reason you may want to reconsider ride sharing is price.  During busy times or harsh weather conditions, some “unnamed” companies implement “surge pricing” models.  This equates to inflated pricing based on high demand. At times when more customers need these services, companies incentivize drivers by increasing fares so they make extra cash by charging customers more. With a service like SwissDriver Private Car & Limousine, we make sure to have drivers available whenever you need them.  Our services are offered around the clock, so it’s only fair that our prices remain the same.
If there is ever a concern or question you need answered, our live dispatchers are available 24/7. Feel free to call us +41 76 77 555 55.  Our main focus is customer satisfaction.
And finally, choose a Private Transportation service…based on the ACTUAL SERVICE.  Who would you rather pick you up? -A trained professional driver with years of experience, or someone who’s working part-time looking to make some money on the side.
We take the safety of ourcustomers very seriously and only allow the best drivers out on the road.  Their backgrounds are thoroughly checked and scrutinized by fingerprinting and drug screening –both when they start, and randomly throughout their employment.
So the next time you need a ride, remember that with SwissDriver Private Car and Limousine you’ll always get world-class service, a vast fleet of luxury car options, and reasonable prices!

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