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the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class with comfort control ENERGIZING

How to tame a lion? This is what the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class with comfort control ENERGIZING shows us. In the animal kingdom, it is indisputably placed at the very top of the food chain. He is not a living creature that trembles with fear before him: the lion. But even the alpha male can have a bad day, as the clip on the new S-Class signed by the agency antoni very humorously shows. In this spot dedicated to the new S-Class, the lion is used as a metaphor for the dominant animal in the business world, namely the boss of a burgeoning start-up. His day is only a long succession of troubles. Throughout the day, small worries accumulate and his mood deteriorates. Stressed and upset, he climbs into the new S-Class after a long day of work. There, he discovers what Mercedes-Benz describes as a technology that embellishes the mood: the comfort control ENERGIZING, a system that adapts the temperature, the perfume and the ambient light, the seats, the music and many other components to the wishes of the driver, and awakens his senses. At the touch of a button, the bad mood of the lion vanishes, giving way to relaxation. Then begins a pleasant journey in the night, at the end of which he arrives at home, in a good mood. Forgotten stress!


The film is part of Mercedes-Benz’s reorientation policy towards man-centered innovations and its needs. The brand’s flag-bearer and technology leader, the S-Class takes its pioneering role.

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