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His Uber costs him as much as Geneva-Lisbon

A Geneva rider was trapped by Uber who announced by SMS the increase of his race at the last minute.

Anticipating, Fred * had ordered an Uber car in advance to go very early Saturday morning to the airport from Plainpalais.

By SMS, the company announces a price between 19 and 36 francs.

At 4:10 am, while waiting with his suitcase on the sidewalk, he receives a new text message. Uber announces that given the strong demand and under its “dynamic pricing” system, the price range is multiplied by 2.5.

“I could cancel without charge, but at that time, I really felt hijacked,” Fred complains. How could I have looked back at the moment?

But he is not at the end of his surprises: he receives first a bill of 19 francs, then a corrigendum for error on the distance. The painful climbs to 90 francs. “The trip cost me as much as my flight for Lisbon paid 92 francs,” exclaims Fred.

Scandalized, he asks for accounts. The company does not change its position arguing a geolocation error and judging its tariff calculation the best to provide the best care service.

On its website, Uber explains that “the price increases correspond to the temporary increase in prices to encourage drivers to hit the road and to go to the areas of the city where the demands (…) are highest. “. If there are many orders in an area, the price will be revised upwards. The American company specifies that the customer can refuse the assumption of responsibility. “For a planned order, we can not predict in advance what will be the demand from the users and the availability of the drivers at the time of the race,” says Uber.

Shortly after Mainstream newspaper contact with the company, Uber announced to Fred the full refund of his race as a “commercial gesture”. “That’s good news, but I do not understand how Uber can justify its on-demand pricing on a commanded race,” he says.

*Alias for privacy

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